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You guys, money stuff is hard. But I swear that it doesn’t have to be. Actually, when you have the right tools to face your numbers, it can be the most empowering confidence-building thing you can do, and–dare-I-say–fun? (Okay not fun like binging on Netflix and Krispy Kreme with your best gal pals, but still, FUN.)

Introducing a collection of tools launching every month beginning January 2017 that answer your most pressing money-related questions.

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Who are these tools for?

Do any of the following statements describe you?


I’m afraid to ask questions about finances because I feel like I should know the answers by now.


I’m afraid to leave my job or change careers because of money.


I feel like I will never get out of debt.


I avoid looking at my bank account because I’m afraid of what I’ll see.


I let other people define how much money I make.


I struggle with knowing how to price my products or services.


I know there are answers to my money questions but I don’t know where to find them.

If any of this resonated with you,

then these tools are made for you!

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(PS: When I’m not talking about finances, you can find me over here designing and developing websites and brand strategy for creative entrepreneurs.)

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My name is Meg, and I believe that getting money into the hands of savvy and generous women will change the world.

Nothing gets me more jazzed up than talking about finances. But oh boy, it did NOT used to be that way. I was the girl that would avoid money decisions and bookkeeping until I was forced to deal with it, and dealing with it just made me feel even more lost and stressed out. After developing tools and a system that not ony worked but actually made me EXCITED about finances, I became super passionate about how money can be used for good (especially when women get their hands on it!). My goal is to help creative women learn to manage their finances so that they have the freedom to pursue their passions and the confidence to fight for good in the world.

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